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What is the Purple Pig?

In 1950, CHEA (California-Hawaii Elks Association) created an organization within it to help children with disabilities. The fundraising arm of CHEMPI (California-Hawaii Elks Major Projects Inc.) is the Purple Pig.

This unique program funds 32 paid therapists and preschool vision screeners, hired by CHEMPI, to help disabled children when no other organizations can or will. These CHEMPI professional therapists and preschool vision screeners travel, sometimes great distances, to help children get care they need.

On our PURPLE PIGS there is a saying: "A COIN A DAY AND THEY'LL WALK, TALK, SEE AND PLAY," which is really a polite way of saying... we should do a little more.

If every single Elk in our Association would donate just 10 cents, one thin dime a day, the PIGGY BANK would have over $3.5 million for the year. As you can see, it doesn't take much.

Just a lot of people doing just a little more to help the handicapped children that is the real reason for our existence. What we need is a lot of people working together for the same cause. That's the Elks. That's what the PIGGY BANK is all about!

Each of you Elks received a PURPLE PIG when you were initiated. We take off our hat to you who have used the piggy bank and returned them to the office for credit! Thank you for the past, now let's build up the future! 

The Purple Pig is the fundraising arm of the California-Hawaii Elks Association Major Project, Inc. (CHEMPI).

The California-Hawaii Elks have raised over $116.2 MILLION since 1950 to address the unmet needs of children with disabilities by developing a program of supporting services to aid these children at no cost to their families. 

The California-Hawaii Elks Association CHEA is best known for its support of children with disabilities. The Purple Pig is the fundraising arm of this charitable work and serves as a reminder to the membership that our greatest joy is in giving to and helping others. Whether you help through the various support methods such as our BLT Legacy Giving Program, regular monthly donations, filling the Purple Pig with the “A Coin A Day so they can Walk, Talk, See and Play”, or simply using the GoodSearch Search Engine–there are many ways to support the children and their families who may have had little hope without the CHEA intervention.

*For more information about the Major Project or to donate to this much needed cause, please click on the following link.

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